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156 pages 100% dedicated to Cruyff !

Johan Cruyff, the monumental interview.The biggest European footballer of all time covers five decades of football. Ajax Amsterdam to its foundation, through Catalonia, God and the Beatles, Johan Cruyff made the rounds of his question.


Berti Vogts. The German defender has muzzled Cruyff in 1974.

Michel Platini. Platoche is a Cruyff’s fan. A little less than for his love of the cigarette.

Fernandez, Genghini, Giresse, Tigana, Rocheteau.The France team of the 80s tell their Cruyff's passion.

Jorge Valdano. The Argentine lived diverse fortunes by facing Cruyff.

What is coach Cruyff's tactical inheritance ? Answer(s) with Sacchi, Rijkaard, Jémez Furlan, Courbis, Wilmots, Lillo, Olsen, Caparros, Gress and Suaudeau.

Jordi Cruyff. Hard, hard to be Johan’s son.

+ The day when...

Cruyff is dead during thirty minutes.

Cruyff would have participated in an orgy.

Cruyff played for PSG.

Cruyff took a penalty ... for two.

Cruyff coached for the first time.

Cruyff lost his jubilee 8-0.

Cruyff has recorded a disc.


In the footsteps of the prodigy. Welcome to Betondorp the communist village that saw Cruyff growing up.

The golden age of total football. How Cruyff and his buddies revolutionized football until 1973.

The masterpiece of Johan Cruyff. Back on final Ajax-Inter 1972. Cruyff's biggest game.

Why Cruyff boycotted the 78 World's Cup? Four theses to explain the defection of Dutch.

Feyenoord's year.1983-1984 is Cruyff's revenge season.

Kees Rijvers. Interview with the best enemy of Cruyff.


Cruyff, by François Bégaudeau.

Cruyff, by Sergi Pàmies.

Johan Timmers. The director wrote a play about Cruyff’s women.

The Cats. 74 Netherland's lucky group.


Cruyff's best goal. In 1973, with Barça, against Atlético de Madrid.

The episode Levante. During six months, in 1981, Johan Cruyff evolves in the Spain's second division...

Joan Laporta. Interview with the former president and great friend of Cruyff.

Who were you, the dream team? The Barça of Johan Cruyff as a coach stacks Ligas and won his first Champions League.

Cruyff, Catalan. Cruyff stands out as an icon for the Catalan independence movement. Despite himself.


The American dream. From summer 1978, Johan Cruyff embraces a career in the United States. More to refill his pocket and for the beauty of the Rockies, huh.


Cor Coster. The man who changed Cruyff's dimension, invented the profession of agent.

Michel Basilevitch. The guy who ruined Cruyff advised him to invest in pig farming.


Johan's miscellanea. 100% Cruyff.

Cruyff, seen by ... Sacchi, Maier, Rieu, Menotti, Müller, Rep and many others.

Cruyff or Cruijff? Good question.

Top 5. Urban legends surrounding J.C.

They named their son Johan.

Top 5. The clubs where he could have signed.

Cruyffismes. Cruyff's language.

Cruyff in 10 key dates.


Which Johan Cruyff are you?

Pierre La Police ... knows things that even Cruyff does not know.

Unauthorized biography ... Johan Cruyff.

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